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SerendipityIdeas is in Partnership with (for sustainable gifts) and apart from developing its online presence, we are devoting substantial energy to a not for profit social enterprise. One of the most visible outcomes is which is building an online SustainabilityProjects environment. Examples of some of these these projects include;

Other projects include;

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What is ?

A service developed by is involved in a range of projects supporting community groups, Sustainability and small business.

We have now extended this to include personal services for people wanting to develop there Internet skills and presence. In the Long term we plan to provide a range of services to people joining the internet as a Result of Australia’s NBN. Visit Their website for more information. Our services will include a range of personal and Internet hosting services that will allow participants to leap frog existing users and businesses into the Internet age.

The First part of this direction has started with the registration of the Domain name, this address which promotes the Idea of Online services to connect people “one to one” provides users with an independent email address where you can get the exact name you are after. We will also support a range of communications and collaborative tools including website hosting selecting from a wide range of technologies. will complement the wide range of services already offers many of which we have not yet promoted. These includes;

  • Website Design and Hosting
  • Domain name registration and hosting
  • Mentoring and coaching services
  • Support and development of solutions

We develop tools and services for everyone and share these with members. We focus on finding the best of bread services and make them easy for you to use, giving you more time to do your “real Job” of for the enthusiasts turbo charging your Internet skills development.

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Hello world!

Welcome to and internet services portal. is a service provided by for selected customers.

The site is underdevelopment but will be offering subscriptions services combined with one on one training for people hoping to build and or consolidate their internet presence.

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